Your First Choice in Automation
 Your First Choice in Automation
 Your First Choice in Automation
The Kuhnke range comprises all the types and size of valve, cylinder, actuator and accessory that are in common use today.

The pneumatic module AirBox in particular is a constant in the AS-Interface world by now. The latest development in this KUHNKE range
is the EASi product family - representing the AS-Interface module with specification 2.1/3.0.
The EASi AirBox can thus use A/B addresses too now, allowing the operation of up to 62 modules with one master.
Apart from the pneumatic I/O field modules, KUHNKE now offers all-digital field modules for the very first time.
These EASi BitBoxes are available in five IP67 versions with M12 connections. The following A/B addressable modules are part of the range: 4, 8, and 16 inputs, 4 outputs as well as 4 in- and outputs each.

WhatÂ’s more, the Ventura IPC now features the latest AS-Interface master technology in accordance with specification 2.1 in order to provide the members of the EASi family with data.
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